My PIDP Journey

I began my PIDP journey just over a year ago. I’ve had the opportunity to do both in class and online courses. I have found both of the class types valuable for different reasons.


The class I both enjoyed and benefited from the most was 3230, evaluation of learning. The program I teach in is only 8 weeks long per intake, and often includes 4 exams in this period. As instructors in the course we are responsible for creating the exam. The resources we were given in 3230 and the practice we had working on making valid and reliable assessments has paid off huge in the classroom. I took the appropriate steps after taking this course to go over the exams I was in class. After making the appropriate changes to ensure proper question construction and content validity, I have noticed positive results. The marks have not increased, however I am receiving better interrater reliability when other instructors use the same exams, and also because of the proper item construction students have stated little to no confusion on what questions are asking about.


Every PIDP course has caused me to reflect or think about some aspect of teaching, however the 3230 has had the biggest and most immediate impact in the classroom. I am looking forward to wrapping up my PIDP journey with the Capstone starting in May.



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