Where am I? And where am I going?

That’s quite the questions. Professionally I am relatively new in my current position as an instructor at SAIT. However, in my 9-year career so far as an electrician I feel like I have done quite a few different things and have a bunch of great experiences. I started in high school as an apprentice on a construction site, moving into a service electrician environment. As an apprentice and fresh journeyman doing service work I learned a ton about the work and about the business side of things. It also gave me the opportunity to run a service van and eventually start running multiple projects with multiple crews of guys. Then it was time for a change and I took the opportunity to become an instructor at SAIT. Although it has been filled with a huge amount of challenges, so far, the rewards outweigh the difficulties.


I am only in my second year now as an instructor, so it’s tough for me to say where I want to be in five years. One thing I do know for sure is that I am loving all of the opportunity of my new position to learn and grow. SAIT has a wonderful professional development program which is already giving me the chance to get my PIDP and next year I plan to do a certificate of business skills which has potential to lead into a business degree.


I believe in keeping skills as relative as possible, so I am often attending code upgrading courses to stay current with what is happening in the field. I also believe it’s always a good idea to keep an updated resume, but hopefully I won’t have to use it anytime soon.





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