Using technology to move learning outside the classroom

Things are changing in the world of education. I understand this is a huge topic right now in the world. Even for myself, I attended my technical training around 8 years ago, and now I am teaching in the same course. The way the program has changed in that short 8 year period is a common thought I have, as well as now a reoccurring theme throughout the PIDP course.


This year we rolled out D2L in our program as a learning management tool (a few years behind many other programs since I remember it in high school). This introduction of an LMS has been huge. The possibilities are endless. I have so far been using it as a tool to reduce class time spent on quizzes, which are required on our program from our government laid out rubric. Having the students complete the quizzes at home is working well for me. It marks it for them, shows them the right answer, automatically updates their grades, and they can complete it in their own amount of time. The next day in class, I take the time to review the questions that need attention. On average per quiz I’m finding it saves 45 minutes per quiz. A huge help in a busy 8-week program.


Watching the following TED talks just goes to show how beneficial the use of technology can be in the classroom. I find the principal of the Khan academy one that can work quite well. We have used our D2L program to use tutorial and different learning activities for some of our concepts with wonderful feedback so far. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes in the next few years, as I know it will be an exciting time.



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