Moments of Shock

p.1 “…teaching is frequently a gloriously messy pursuit in which shock, contradiction and risk are endemic.” (Brookfield, 2015)


A quote I recently chose to write about had me reflecting on how my second year as an instructor is shaping up so far. It cause me to think about how I came into this year of teaching with a huge level of confidence, believing I was ready for all the challenges it could throw at me. I was under the impression after teaching for a full year I had been prepared for the majority of issues I could face.


Reflecting on how wrong about this I was, made me realize i doubt i will ever be at a spot in my career when i am no longer shocked or contradicted. A great quote to read in the first chapter, of what I’m sure will be a very insightful read.


Brookfield, Stephen D. (2015). The Skillful Teacher: On technique, trust, and responsiveness in the classroom (Third Edition). San Fransisco: Jossey Bass

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