The Teaching Perspectives Inventory is a lot of big words. A lot of big words which I would never be qualified to explain, however even at the lowest level I think it does show a lot about myself as an instructor.

I received results close to what I was expecting, showing very high scores in transmission and apprenticeship while getting my lowest score in social reform.

The transmission perspective reflects the importance of subject matter knowledge. Our systematic processes that must be followed in the electrical trade are crucial. I also believe that I am very enthusiastic about the content, because I do truly enjoy it.

The apprentice perspective is everything the trades is based on. As teachers, we show early learners the basics of what we are doing, and as time progresses we shift from teaching more into assigning more responsibility and guiding of the subject matter. It is our job to simplify some of the complexities of the content and deliver it in a more manageable way for the students.

The social reform, my most recessive trait, deals with using our position as teachers to try and awaken our students ideologies and values. I do not make this a part of my daily job.

I look forward to reflecting more on my TPI and hopefully giving all three of my readers an update one day.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License


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