Skype Call with Partner

I had a wonderful Skype chat with Elizabeth yesterday. I really enjoyed discussing how our instructor roles are very similar and different at the same time. It was great to see also the differences between our two different fields of expertise.

Her field, like most is currently being heavily influenced by technology. They are in the process of attempting to make patient records electronic so that they are available at all healthcare facilities. Their big hurdle at this point is patient confidentiality and the security of the online records.

In adult education she is noticing a big increase for qualifications and certifications of the instructors. As the scope of practice increases out in the field, it is increasingly crucial for the instructors to become trained and certified to instruct the new practices. Adult learners expect that when they attend a course or program, that the teacher has all of the required qualifications.

With an expanding scope of practice in the field and new, more effective learning theories, it is the responsibility of the instructor to stay current and relevant in both areas. One of the main focuses Elizabeth has, which I couldn’t agree more with, is ensuring that the transition from theory into practice is as seamless as possible. This means making sure learners have the proper training in accessing patient records, for example. Our role as instructor includes trying to make our students as ready as possible to step into the workforce.

I learned a lot from Elizabeth and was surprised by both the amount of similarities and differences in our fields.


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